God knows that everyone, regardless of income level or net worth, wrestles with money and material possession issues. That is why the Bible is full of wisdom and guidance to help us, as we determine how to best handle the financial resources God has entrusted to us. While the Bible will never tell us what an appropriate lifestyle is, or tell us how much we need to accumulate to provide for our future, it does give us principles to help us prayerfully make those decisions ourselves. We can choose to learn what the Bible says about money and material possessions, apply it, and over time have greater peace of mind, or we can choose to ignore what the Bible says, and experience ongoing anxiety and fear.

As Howard Dayton likes to say regarding money and our material possessions, God has a role, and we have a role. The better we understand the relationship between our role and God’s role, and live it out consistently, the more we are likely to experience financial peace of mind.

We don’t desire to replace your financial advisor, but we do recognize that if finances are not addressed appropriately, there is a risk that the ability to live out one’s calling may be severely handicapped at some point in the future. For that reason, please consider the following financial topics, and score yourself on a scale from completely disagree to completely agree. Then ask your spouse to also consider the topics using the same scale.

After you and your spouse have each done this exercise, set aside some time to discuss it. Prayerfully consider how you can address significant differences in your score and your spouse's score on any of the topics. Based on your scores, identify two to three you want to address first. What will you do to address them?

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