Sound Mind Investing Handbook

Type: Book
Price: $16.00


In this updated sixth edition of The Sound Mind Investing Handbook, investment advisor, Austin Pryor, has carefully created a “next step” guide that helps you put Godly principles of finance in motion. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, you’ll benefit from stepping across this bridge between “theory” and “action”. Each user-friendly lesson is written in everyday English and filled with helpful visual aids. $16.00 includes one softcover handbook.

Topics Include

  • What investing is and why it's actually quite simple
  • Six characteristics of investing that glorify God
  • What mutual funds are and why they make investing easier than ever before
  • How to use your personal investing "temperament" and present "season of life" to make decisions and limit your risk
  • How to implement an investment strategy that's guaranteed to help you keep pace with the markets
  • Tax-wise ways to invest for college, including the new state-sponsored 529 savings plans
  • The pros and cons of investing internationally
  • The rules governing IRAs and 401(k)s and which should have the priority
  • How to make the calculations needed to make sure your retirement countdown is on schedule

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